Beldocs XR Academy is an intense 3 days program for artists, directors and creative minds that are interested in exploring the emerging realm of immersive storytelling. With a focus on VR and 360° video the XR Academy is a unique opportunity  to  develop  ideas  through  a  creative  approach  to  immersive technology. The intense 3 days program offers space for creativity, knowledge transfer and networking with the goal to offer to the participant a fruitful and enriching learning experience.
Workshops, lectures and one to one  mentoring  will  provide  the  participants  with  the  basic  theoretical  and practical  techniques  in  order  to  take  their  project  a  step  forward  into development. Beldocs XR Academy provides possibility for the authors to get feedback from experts as well as to find partners for further development of their projects.

Workshop tutor Sara Tirelli.

XR Academy Projects 2023


Director Gaia Radić

The short 3D animation „I am a Cavern of Blood in the Shape of a Mind“ (working title) consists of four main imaginary locations which can be described as ethereal rocky environments. The first environment is a representation of physical reality. The second one symbolizes the conscious mind whilst awake, whilst the third one signifies the same consciousness, but during a dreamlike state. The fourth environment carries on the notion of the previous one, but symbolizes the mind in a state of lucidity within a dream. The spaces differ from each other and contain certain objects that are part of the structure and are interconnected by a body of water which serves as a metaphor for sentience flowing through them. The narrative focuses on visualizing the mind as a three-dimensional space in addition to exploring the notion of a non-existent vacuum-like space without temporal continuum.

Original language: English
Length: 3 min
Expected date of delivery : 6/1/2023
Contact details:



Director Yolanda Markopoulou

September 1922, Smyrna is the last city that burns to ashes sending over 2 million refugees of Greek descent that survived from the coast of Turkey, across the Aegean Sea to Greece. Nikolaos Tsuruktsoglu, an important political figure of Smyrna, as well as a newspaper publisher of the French La Reforme, is imprisoned the night before the Great Fire breaks out. He is held in a room in the city’s guardhouse by the Turkish Army. In the last minutes of his life, shortly before he dies, the captive Tsuruktsoglu envisions images of the past, present and future of his life, and of the city that is being lost forever. Fragments of memories, real events, and hallucinations spring up inside his cell, while he is confronted with the separation from his wife Ifigeneia and their two children. The viewer experiences the last 15 minutes of Tsuruktsoglu’s farewell to life, until he dies.

Original language: Turkish
Length: 20 minutes
Expected date of delivery : 3/1/2024
Contact information:


Director Marija Stojnić

Neuroart is a multicomponent Art and science project that explores and aims to artistically represent the specifics of information processing and visual understanding of the world by individuals with dyslexia, dyscalculia and related conditions categorized as „cognitive disorders“. The XR experience transforms text, notation, numbers and other symbols – in a nonlinear, multisensorial rendering – from neuronormative vision and imagination to the dyslexic one.

Original language: Serbian
Length:  10 min
Expected date of delivery : 10/10/2024
Contact information:


Director Julija Castellucci
North Macedonia, Serbia

Julia, a performer, sings lullabies a capella, while guests lay down horizontally on the ground in a warm and relaxing atmosphere with VR headset. Depending on which song she sings, she sprays certain smells in the space, gives people a taste of a certain flavor and  visual effect that is projected through VR glasses. And all these sensations make people experience a completely new reality and touch on all levels of human existence.
Everything in our Universe is made purely of vibrations. Sound, music and humans too.

Original language:
Length:  45 min
Expected date of delivery : 9/9/2023
Contact informations:

Dok Leipzig XR Award

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Dok Leipzig International Film Festival.
One project will be awarded free accreditation to DOK Leipzig and access to DOK Exchange, the XR conference and showcase.

Beldocs Industry Days program is supported by the European Union through Creative Europe MEDIA.


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