Beldocs Academy programme is an intense course with a focus on virtual reality and 360° video production. It will be tutored by Vitomir Jevremović, a VR/AR expert with a huge experience in immersive contents. Workshop and lectures will provide the participants with the basic theoretical and practical techniques in order to shoot an immersive video. Throughout 2 day tutoring, master classes and one-to-one sessions, Academy provide a possibility for the authors to get feedback from the experts as well as collaborates in further development. Participants supposed to develop their projects in order to be prepared for public pitch.  Projects will be evaluated by tree jury members and the best project pitch will be awarded.

Award: Best Beldocs Academy project
1500 EUR cash award, presented by Film Centre of Montenegro

Tutors  2020

Vitomir Jevremović, main tutor has participated in the implementation of numerous projects in the field of digital content production in culture, as well as in the video and software industry. He is the author of projects such as Interactive Reconstruction of Belgrade from the 15th century (2004), the first virtual museum in Serbia – Zoran Djindjic’s Virtual Museum (2011), 3D Interactive Reconstructions of Gamzigrad (2007), 3D Interactive View of the Belgrade Mummy (2008). He was the director of the production at the EU-funded project Kikinda Mammoth, where he led the project of creating the first 3D animated film about the Kikinda mammoth and opening the first 3D cinema in Serbia in the Kikinda Museum in 2006. He is the author of the software platform ArcheoPack, which has been successfully used in archeological research at Vinča since 2004. During his career, he was also involved in the production of video games, known for creating pinball simulations – SlamIt Pinball (2009). As director of the digital sector at one of our largest marketing agencies, Communis DDB, he has introduced clients to new forms of digital communication. Since 2011, he has founded the company Digital Mind, which is engaged in the production of digital content and interactive installations in the field of digital communication. He is the author of the first museum in virtual reality – VR Museum of Nikola Tesla (Calls to Tesla). In 2018, it launched the VR-ALL-ART platform, which enables museums and galleries to create virtual exhibitions. The platform houses numerous museums from Serbia, including the National Museum, as well as museums and galleries from around the world. In 2019, VR-ALL-ART received funding from the Innovation Fund. Winner of numerous awards for his contribution to the development of digital technologies.


Projects 2020

21km / 21km

Project description 21km is an AR hiking experience, following the stony pavement from the downtown of Cetinje to the top of Mount Lovćen, transporting viewers into different periods by using archival film footage, reenacted film clips and CGI. Viewers will be immersed in a historic 21km journey through the history of Montenegro and its people. The narrative will change depending on the spot viewers are standing in.

Author’s biography Nikola Ljuca was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1985. He studied film directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. His short films „Thursday“;“Sergeant“ and „Scenes With Women“ were screened in many international film festivals, winning several awards. He worked as an assistant and casting director on feature films and as a video artist in many theaters and contemporary art projects. He is a curator for international short fiction film festival Bašta Fest. His first feature film “Humidity” had its world premiere in 2016 Berlinale Forum, after which it went on to screen at numerous festivals, winning several awards. Currently developing new fiction and AR project.

Authors Bojana Radulović, Nikola Ljuca
Director Nikola Ljuca
Producer Bojana Radulović
Production company CODE BLUE production
Original language Montenegrin
Subtitles English
Contact Bojana Radradulović (

Fall of the Berlin Wall / Fall of the Berlin Wall


Synopsis Fall of the Berlin Wall is a creative VR-documentary based on personal memories of the eyewitnesses of events at Bornholmer Strasse Checkpoint on 09/11/1989, where the historical order „Open the gates!“; was given.

Logline With headsets on, viewers find themselves in the middle of
Berlin streets on Nov 9, 1989, surrounded by ghosty figures from the
past who guide through their stories – right where those stories

Producer Sergiy Polezhaka
Production company New Cave Media
Contact Sergiy Polezhaka (

‘gram Royalty / ‘gram Royalty

Project description ‘gram Royalty is a feature-length documentary film about a generation that builds and experiences life on social networks. Influencers (or instant famous) as we refer to them, although still seen as a subculture, dominate modern society. Thanks to the fast and continuous development of social media (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook) and related industries (especially marketing and production) it has become possible to produce an instant famous person like any other material product or object. The main means are body, photography, and consumables (food, wardrobe, cosmetics, etc.). In a combination with these elements, influencers have the role of a product carrier or an exhibit function. Of course, what keeps this system going and growing stronger hour by hour is the money that companies/brands are investing in influencers that promote their products.So, as long as they are earning and getting followers they feel like they actually have a profession and a very important role in society. The problem starts when they lose their profile on social media or the audience. Just as there is legitimation in life, on Instagram, there is “verification”. It is a small blue tick beside the name and means that you are important/famous. The criteria are having a lot of followers, and being interesting.This film deals with extreme cases of young people wanting to become “instant famous” or influencers. By following a group of people, from the Balkans, of different profiles, ages, backgrounds, and motivations with the same primary or only goal of achieving instant fame,we show generation where everything in life is  subordinate to creating an ideal projection of self, to cause admiration and more and more followers.The film follows the process of achieving the goal by shooting real situations the characters individually are passing on their to “fame”. Also, the narrative is supported by individual interviews with them in a completely deleted environment, where they are all dressed up the same, without any additions. There we will discover facts about their private lives that brought them to build a new one on social media. For instance, one of them is a boy who already did some plastic surgery, a girl who depends on Photoshop, etc. The aim of the project is to present this modern trend in society from the rational perspective showing the formation of young people that deliberately build their life to be an exhibit in a showcase which can be appreciated, consumed or be broken like a finest porcelain.

Director’s biography Katarina Bulajić is a film director born in Nikšić, Montenegro.She graduated film directing at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. Currently, she does her master’s thesis on Documentary film at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary.She is the author of two documentary films: Stari Majstor/The Old Master (2011) and Linija života/The Line of life (2014), one of the Sarajevo Talents, RIFF Talents and winner of several student film festival awards.

Director Katarina Bulajić
Producer Marija Vlahović
Production company ABA Film d.o.o.
Original language Montenegrin, Serbian, Slovenian
Subtitles English
Contact Marija Vlahović (


Up in the air VR / Куди поїхав цирк? VR

Project description This film immerses the viewer into the atmosphere of children’s circus studio trainings. Here you can see how much effort and energy children give to circus art. But these trainings are not held at the circus arena, as local officials deprived children of the opportunity to engage in the building of the Old Circus. It is 150 years old and this is a unique architectural building with many secrets. Children were kicked out of this building under the guise of reconstruction. But now it is collapsing and soon it can be pulled down. The old circus is the history of circus art and traditions that children continue. The viewer can travel around the building and learn interesting facts. In its arena, the viewer and together with children will create new scenography for circus performances, and then they will be able to see the performance of children in the arena. It is a visualisation of a children’s dream. At the end, the viewer will be asked if he wants to remove the circus building or keep it?

Author’s biography Oksana Syhareva was born in Kharkiv. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Kharkiv State University of Construction and Architecture in 2001.
2001 – 2006 she worked in advertising
2007 – 2011 – director and producer of author’s TV programs
2012 – 2014 – curator, manager of cultural and educational programs of the Center for
Contemporary Art „YermilovCenter“
Since 2014 Oskana works as an independent curator, art manager, producer of cultural and
educational projects:
Founder of „Academy of Visual Arts“ non-formal art education
Founder of ArtHab SAMOKAT in Kharkiv
Founder of VR / AR forum: Art of Change
Founder, coordinator of CinemaLab Kharkiv
Founder of VR & ART Festival “Frontier”

Author / Director Oksana Syhareva nad Nataliia Pogudina
Original language Russian
Subtitles English



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