Beldocs Industry Awards

Industry - 16.09.2021.

Beldocs Industry 2021 award list

DokSrbija Encouragement Award, jury Iva Plemic Divjak and Boris Mitic

Tales of the Plum Spirit, dir. Milica Đenić

Beldocs Industry Award, jury Branko Lazic, Franziska Sonder, Igor Tomljanović

Boro-Ramiz, dir. Ana Dragić

The pitch of the winning project was particularly convincing. With her multilayered approach, the director combines socially and politically important issues. Through the microcosm of a local place and its history the project unravels a macrocosm of themes with universal urgency. This history reflects on past and current changes in our society.
A relevant film that convinced with a creative vision in image and particularly sound. Those creative ideas were included in the pitch and gave an important first impression on how this film could evolve.
We are convinced that this project has strong international festival potential and has great certainly national, if not international, television potential.

Documentary Association of Europe award, jury – Vitaly Mansky, Yianna Sarri and Andrijana Stojkovic

Peace for Nina, dir. Zhanna Maksymenko-Dovhych (Ukraine)

A poetic cinematic approach reveals the tragic life story of the protagonist throughout the years, and is a personal story on war based in her turbulent homeland.

Pitch the Doc platform award – jury Adam Paplinski and Katarzyna Szarecka (Pitch the Doc)

Life and Death of the Christmas Tree, dir. Arturas Jevdokimovas (Lithuania)

The team has shown a strong commitment and excitement to the project, revealing the stories hidden behind the symbol understood throughout Europe and beyond. With our award, we want to encourage the debuting team to successfully develop this film to international markets.

East Silver Caravan Award, jury Zdenek Blaha and Walter Nagy

Ironman, dir. Kiril Karakash, Svetislav Podleshanov (North Macedonia)

We would like to support with a festival distribution of East Silver Caravan one project that is a unique blend between a touching human story and the wider issue of our planet, the pollution of air and our environment. Through a truly don-quixotesque story of a retired policeman who decides to create a perpetuum mobile and save his polluted city of Skopje we follow a tale of passion, dedication and relentless spirit.

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival award,  jury – Vitaly Mansky, Yianna Sarri and Andrijana Stojkovic

GINA, dir. Sara Stijović (Montenegro)
The award goes to the project that in a unique way explores a trauma based on the family’s memoirs.

Beldocs Industry 2021,  jury – Vitaly Mansky, Yianna Sarri and Andrijana Stojkovic

Fragments of Ice, dir. Maria Stoianova (Ukraine)
The project captured our attention for its unique visual approach and the exceptional use of archival footage. We are looking forward to watch the completed film and to travel to the past with this remarkable story.

Beldocs Academy 2021, best VR project, jury – Stevan Vukovic, Danijela Radulovic and Sara Ferro

Nistru – The Irreversible Flow of Life by Iurie Tocmas


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