Beldocs Industry Days 2024 Awards

Festival - 26.05.2024.

Beldocs Pitching Forum, the pitching section of Beldocs Industry Days (23-26 May), handed out its awards on Saturday 25th of May 2024. during a ceremony presented by the Head of Beldocs Industry, Andrijana Sofranić Šućur. The program is part of the 17th Belgrade International Documentary Film Festival Beldocs, which is still ongoing and runs from 22-29 May.

The jury members (Sari Volanen, commissioning editor of Finnish television – YLE, Michaela Čajková, founder of sales company Filmotor; and Maša Marković, Head of industry at Sarajevo Film Festival) handed the main awards by Film Center of Montenegro for Best Project in Development, accompanied by €2,000 in cash, to the Bosnian project Balcana Presenta. Jury stated that “the project stood up to by its most original idea when it mixes genres and filmmakers’ approaches. We appreciate the comedy parts and at the same time topics such as migration and women empowerment”.

Best Project in Progress Award by Al Jazeera Balkans, accompanied by €1,500 in cash, to the Croatian project This is to Be Done, directed by Srđan Kovačević, According to the jury, project received the award as a film that honors people who help others in oppressed positions.

The Croatian project “Another Film About the War, Father and Home” received Forgrade Post-production Award for “the most coherent pitch in this section as well as for portraying the father – a figure confronted with the consequences by his actions”.

Current Time TV Award, $ 1,500 in cash, for Best pitch went to Armenian project “Serozhik” by director Lusine Papoyan as a project that depicts “controversy of magnificent nature opposed to hardships of the society give a beautiful background to this touching and dramatic coming of age story”.

The Networking Award from the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival was handed to project Glorious Utopia by Slovak director Marek Moučka, as “a film that captivates the imagination and addresses the philosophical topic of the human desire to create boundaries.”

The DAE – Documentary Association of Europe Talent Encouragement Award went to the Armenian project Serozhik  by Lusine Papoyan, for “its cinematic and human potential and because we believe that the guidance given by DAE will help the project grow and develop”.

The Ji.hlava New Visions Market Award was given to by Croatian director Marcella Zanki for the project Zanki, for “authentic approach, cinematic spirit, and universally comprehensible story”.

The East Silver Caravan Award was bestowed upon the Latvian project “that tackles deep philosophical questions with pure cinematic language and unique approach. The project emits strong artistic vision” – Beautiful Void by director Andris Gauja.

Finally, the Dok Leipzig XR award went to the project Entropia by Montenegrin director Jovan Mijušković.

The full list of Beldocs Pitching Forum award winners is as follows:

Film Center of Montenegro Award
Balcana Presenta – Maja Novaković (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Producer: Marko Šipka (Kabinet 101) –

Al Jazeera Balkans Award
This is to Be Done – Srđan Kovačević (Croatia)
Producer: Sabina Krešić (Fade In) –

Forgrade Post-production Award
Another Film About The War, Father And Home – Damir Markovina (Croatia)
Producer: Tamara Babun (Wolfgang & Dolly) –

Current Time TV Award
Serozhik – Lusine Papoyan (Armenia)
Producer: Aram Petrosyan (Formlab) –

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival Award
Glorious Utopia – Marek Moučka (Slovakia)
Producer: Tomáš Gič (Silverart) –

DAE – Documentary Association of Europe Talent Encouragement Award
Serozhik – Lusine Papoyan (Armenia)
Producer: Aram Petrosyan (Formlab) –

Ji.hlava New Visions Market Award
Zanki – Marcella Zanki (Croatia)
Producer: Matija Drniković (Wolfgang & Dolly) –

East Silver Caravan Award
Beautiful Void – Andris Gauja (Latvia)
Producer: Elza Gauja –

Dok Leipzig XR Award
Entropia – Jovan Mijušković (Montenegro) –


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