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Uncategorized - 09.03.2022.

The NGO Docudays and Docudays UA festival team has initiated a fund to support Ukrainian filmmakers who are bravely and daringly documenting the events of the war in Ukraine right now: recording war crimes, filming footage for the international media and for their future films which will later give the world a more in-depth perspective on the situation in our country.
We are working in several directions.

Thanks to our partners and the festival’s friends, we are able to help filmmakers by providing them with the most necessary filming equipment (batteries, hard drives, memory cards, chargers, adapters, replacement of damaged lenses, etc.—that is, the things which are required to continue filming).

We are raising money which will allow us to cover the expenses on fuel, medicine, first aid kits, basic needs in emergency situations (one-time payments of up to 4,000 UAH).

We are forming a database of international foundations and opportunities which will also provide monetary aid to the Ukrainian film community:
Emergency Fund for Filmmakers in Wake of Ukraine War.

How to ask for help?

In your email, describe the situation and briefly specify which area you need help in (fuel or provision of the equipment required for filming; list the equipment). Add your bank card number and the name and surname of the owner of the card to your message.

Help is provided primarily to Ukrainian filmmakers who are currently filming actively / participating in the organization of the filming process or the development of filmed footage. Our coordinators might need some time (1-2 days) to verify the information provided to them and verify the identity of the sender.

Send your emails to Write “DOCU/HELP” in the subject of your email.

How to support Ukrainian filmmakers financially?

The bank details are at this link.


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