Freedom for Igor Stanojević!

Festival - 09.07.2020.

Igor Stanojević, a film critic, member of the Independent Association of Serbia’s Journalists (NUNS) and head programmer for Beldocs film festival, was arrested yesterday during the protests in Belgrade.

Despite carrying his press accreditation, Igor was captured by the police and held down on the street pavement for over an hour, then taken away to an unknown destination along with a group of other arrested citizens. Igor was not allowed to meet anyone, including his lawyer for counseling. His current health condition is unknown.

The team of Beldocs Film festival, upon unofficially finding out that Igor will be taken to the Misdemeanour offence court, publicly requests that the officials reveal Igor’s whereabouts, and allow him to get in contact with his family and legal counsel.

Furthermore, Beldocs film festival strongly appeals to officials to clear Igor Stanojević of all allegations and possible charges. His seazure, battering and arrest by the police have no justifiable cause.

Igor Stanojević was never arrested before and has no criminal record.


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