Moving Cinema is a European project that has been since 2014 creating strong links between young people and cinema, giving them the tools to be autonomous spectators, and ultimately, to build active and sensitive audiences able to appreciate diverse cinematographic manifestations. The project focuses on contemporary and classic European auteur cinema, with special attention to films and filmmakers that differ from the mainstream, and yet are able to engage young people in a deep and meaningful way.

The project was launched in 2014 thanks to the support of the MEDIA Creative Europe, and more than 32.000 young people, 50 organizations, 120 filmmakers, 1.350 teachers and 220 schools have got involved in the project since then. Beldocs joined the project in 2020 with commitment to development and combining of diverse approaches to film education, including the work inside school hours and non-formal education, as well as supporting young audience development, nurturing the “cinema experience” (i.e. organized visits to cinemas, film festivals, cooperation with cinematheques) and facilitating the discovery of quality cinema for young audiences on video-on-demand platforms.

The project „Moving Cinema: Methodologies, strategies and tools for young people to appreciate cinema and become active spectators“ invites young audiences to create strong bonds with the cinema through workshops, independent film programming, decision making, work with filmmakers, communication of film content to their peers, and through the development of new creative practices, knowledge and skills.

The lead project coordinator is A Bao A Qu (Spain), and project partners include Kijufi (Germany), Meno Avilys (Lithuania), Otok Institute (Slovenia) and Beldocs (Serbia). Moving Cinema is co-funded by the Creative Europe MEDIA Programme of the European Union.

Feel free to explore more and to find pedagogical resources for organizations, institutions and people interested in the transmission of cinema at the Moving Cinema project website.


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