Equitable & Accountable Curation: Challenging Traditional Selection Processes for a More Diverse Film Industry
May 12, 17.00 – Dušan Makavejev Hall, Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1

Speakers: Basil Tsiokos – Sundance IFF | Afsun Moshiry – Filmmaker, Kasseler Dokfest | Laura Klöckner – SAVVY Contemporary

Moderator: Marion Schmidt – Documentary Association of Europe (DAE)

Equitable and accountable curation in film programming has lately become a controversly debated topic in some parts of the independent film industry, initiated by calls from filmmakers and parts of industry alike. It questions the traditional power structures that have historically influenced art and cultural institutions and seeks to promote diversity and inclusion. Equitable curation practices open up new opportunities for filmmakers from traditionally marginalized and underrepresented groups and thus contributes to a multiplicity of voices and a higher level of representation on screen.However, some argue that curatorial justice can lead to a decrease in artistic freedom and quality of films selected.
In this panel a selection of curators from different backgrounds and artistic practices will share their approaches to curation. Together with them we’ll explore how we can move towards more responsible, ethical, and transparent curatorial practices and selection processes and try to deconstruct the notion that such impacts on artistic freedom and excellence.


Unlocking the Past: The Power of Archival Films
May 13, 12.00 – Multimedia Hall, Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1

Speakers: Luka Papić – Filmmaker | Daniela de Felice – Filmmaker | Marko Grba Singh –  Filmmaker

Moderator: Nadja Tennstedt – DOK Leipzig

Films Invoked, Ardenza and Rampart are all using archive materials to address historical, political and personal events in the 1990s.

Daniela de Felice’s Ardenza is an intimate portrait evoking the passage to adulthood, sexual emancipation and political activism of a young woman in Italy amidst the rise of Forza Italia.  In Luka Papic and Srda Vuco’s Invoked, five ex-presidential candidates look back to 1990 when they were hopefuls in the first multi-party elections in Serbia ultimately won by Slobodan Milošević. Marko Grba Singh takes in Rampart a personal look at his childhood apartment in Belgrade and juxtaposes present day images with VHS family footage from 1998/99 before and during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

The filmmakers will discuss their creative approaches to working with public, family and personal archives, stills and watercolor paintings to construct new historical and personal narratives.


Film critics and Reviewers, an Essential Part or the Snobbish Mavericks of the Film Industry?
May 13, 14.00 – Multimedia Hall, Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1

Speakers: Iva Rosandić – | Neil Young – Film Critic | Tara Karajica – Film Critic

Moderator: Nikola Radić – Filmoskopija

Film critics, reviewers and journalists from Serbia, Croatia and the UK are invited to comment on five provocative statements regarding the role and the perception of their profession, the impact of contemporary film criticism, the sustainability of film magazines and their readership.


Beyond the Screen: Exploring the Art of Curating Creative Documentaries at Independent Cinemas
May 13, 16.00 – Multimedia Hall, Yugoslav Film Archive, Uzun Mirkova 1

Speakers: Stefan Malešević – De Balie | Bernd Brehmer – Werkstattkino

Moderator: Iva Plemić Divjak – Horopter Film Production

What techniques can a cinema programmer take to achieve both long-term, high-quality creative diversity and a network of loyal audiences? How can a (non-profit) cinema promote its artistic identity and curatorship? And what is, consequently, a desirable collaboration with their direct allies – distributors and independent producers?

Beldocs Industry Days program is supported by the European Union through Creative Europe MEDIA.


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