Moving beyond survival in times of permacrisis: How can documentary filmmakers cope when creation turns into resistance, and resistance into exhaustion…?

Speakers: Anna Dziapshipa (filmmaker, Georgia), Farahnaz Sharifi (filmmaker, Iran), Ibrahim Nash’at (filmmaker, Egypt), Anna Ramskogler-Witt (Artistic Director Dokumentale, Germany)

Moderator: Cem Öztüfekçi, filmmaker

In recent years, more and more documentary filmmakers all across the globe find themselves caught at the center of a maelstrom of crises that follow one another – climate change, oppression, pandemics, authoritarian regimes, rising inequality, democratic crises, war and conflict. In this new normal, the lines between creation and activism are blurred more than ever, while, at the same time, the documentary ecosystem is facing a variety of disruptions (from atomized financing resources and decreasing distribution possibilities, to the intrusion of commercial and political interests and the emergence of AI). How can filmmakers cope with the constant tension between artistic integrity and the demands of the market? How do they avoid the pervasive sense of exhaustion amidst constant socio political upheavals and industry challenges? And how can they adapt out of survival mode and gain resilience?

With Documentary Association of Europe: DAE

Rolling Out the Green Carpet                                                                                      Sustainability Strategies Across the Film

Speakers: Tijana Mićanović – Geen Art Incubator, Boban Stefanović – Serbian Cinema Network
Moderator: Ieva Ubele, Creative Producer Baltic Balkan Productions

Embark on an insightful discussion centered around the implementation of green sustainable strategies within the film industry with a special emphasis on cinemas and film distribution. What practical steps can we take to reduce our carbon footprint while continuing to produce and distribute films? How can we integrate eco-friendly practices into our daily routines without them becoming obstacles? Our panel members will share their firsthand experiences and engage with the audience to explore these questions.

with Serbian Cinema Network

Everybody in the (Art) House

Speakers: Noortje van de Sande and Anke van Diejen PICL
Moderator: Dejan Dabić, Serbian Cinema Network

New audience, younger audience, broader audience: we all want that. But what is really essential to know about your audience, so that you can program better, market more effectively and deliver more value to your audience as a cinema? This is a major challenge for the film sector. Picl delved into depth within the REACHM project, and aimed at new, hybrid viewers for arthouse films. Viewers that watch films at home as well as in cinemas. In this talk they share the most promising insights and discuss the future of audiences for arthouse films and what cinemas can do.

with Serbian Cinema Network

The Art of the Deal Crafting                                                                                         Win-Win Co- Productions in Documentary Filmmaking

Speakers: Anna Ferens – TVP; Vladimir Brnardić – HRT
Moderator: Iva Plemić Divjak, Producer and President of Association DokSerbia

Industry experts will dissect the intricate dynamics of collaborative ventures between production companies and TV networks. Explore strategies to navigate the complexities of financing, content creation, and distribution in this symbiotic relationship.

European Gaming Narratives
Supporting creative game development across the region via Creative Europe MEDIA program

Speakers: Sara Božanić (ITD/Twisted Tales, Slovenia), Ines Kežman (Motovila/Creative Europe Desk, Slovenia), Saša Veličković (Codemancy, Serbia), Andriana Miladinović (Codemancy, Serbia), Una Domazetoski (Creative Europe Desk, Serbia), Aleksandar Gavrilović (Gamechuck/CGDA, Croatia)

Moderator: Nenad Jovanovski, SGA

In this extended panel interwoven with several short project presentations, we will look at how the Creative Europe MEDIA program has been supporting game creators across the CEE region, or more specifically the ex-Yugoslav cultural space. We will hear from game studios from all three countries, those who have successfully applied to the Creative Europe MEDIA program for the development of narrative games. Furthemore, representatives of local Creative Europe Desks as well as national trade organizations for the field of game development will also be involved in conversation.

with Serbian Games Association (SGA)

Games of our Common Future                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Looking back and forth at Playing Narratives program by the Serbian Games Association
Guest lecture: Transmedia Worldbuilding by Igor Simić


Igor Simić, (CEO & Creative Director, Demagog Studio)
Vladimir Đaković, Beyond the Gates by Soulbusters
Manja Topalović, Bodysnatcher by Rag&Bone
Pavle Lazarević, The 3rd Dimension of a Stickman by Čiče Gliše

Moderator: Kristina Janković Obućina, SGA
In this special appearance of the Playing Narratives program by the Serbian Games Association at Play.Docs, we will open the doors of this special  8-month mentoring process intended for 35 creatives from across Serbia – to the general public and Beldocs audience. The link is very natural as the program, which is running its fourth annual cycle this year, is precisely dealing with the conceptualization of the type of games which are, and will be represented by Play.Docs.

A diverse group of creative writers, visual artists and sound designers enter the inner workings of the gaming industry, in order to tackle some of the key notions of our current social environment. In 2024, the focus is on climate, through a special collaboration with the Center for Promotion of Science.


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