-22.7° C

Jan Kounen — France — 2019 — 8'

French music producer Molécule is the pioneer of “nomadic electronic music”. Following on from his debut album 60°43′ Nord, for which he spent 34 days on an Atlantic fishing trawler, he went to Greenland to make -22.7°C. Starting out from a remote Inuit village, he went on various trips to glaciers and fjords where he used his “survival elektrokit” to record environmental sounds such as howling wind, loud crackling deep in the Arctic ice, and the crunch of snow. He then processed the sounds and mixed them into beats.

DirectorJan Kounen
ProducerCorentin Lambot, François Le Gall, Vincent Guttmann
Festivals IDFA 2019
Category XR Exhibition: Immersive Reality

Regional premiere


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