Isang Salaysay Ng Karahasang Pilipino

Lav Diaz — The Phillipines — 2022 — 412'

With the imminent death of his autocratic grandfather, coinciding with the burgeoning oppressive regime of Ferdinand Marcos, Servando Monzon VI, inheritor of the hacienda and businesses of his powerful clan, agonizes on becoming the new feudal lord and capitulating with Marcos’ designs to control the Philippines. He is aware of his clan’s long history of violence; he knows the very violent history of his county; and he foresees a very violent future with the Marcos dictatorship.

DirectorLav Diaz
ScriptLav Diaz, Ricky Lee
ProducerSine Olivia Pilipinas
Directors of photography Daniel Uy, Lav Diaz
FestivalsFID Marseille 2022
Language Tagalog
Category Meteors

Regional premiere


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