Adieu Sauvage

Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento — BelgiumFrance — 2023 — 90'

In Colombia, the “whites” think that the Indian of Amazonia does not feel anything because there are no words in his language to express feelings. Is it possible that a whole people feel nothing and have no words to speak of love? Director Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento, himself a descendant of an almost extinct indigenous Colombian community, went to meet the Cácuas, to talk about their feelings, their loves, their loneliness. In doing so, he reconnected with his own Indianness. With humor and tenderness, the Cácuas try to teach him what it is to be a native. This initiatory quest is an emotional x-ray of an entire people.

DirectorSergio Guataquira Sarmiento
ProducerMicha Wald
MusicClémentine Pacalet
EditorNoé Bries Silva
SoundNicolas Pommier
FestivalsCinéma du réel 2023, Ann Arbor 2023
Language French Spanish
Category International Competition Programme

Regional premiere


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Q&A after the screening


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