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Mladen Kovačević — SerbiaFranceQatar — 2022 — 90'

Smallpox is the deadliest disease in human history that killed almost 500 million people in the 20th century alone, and it is the only deadly virus eradicated by humans, which is regarded as one of the biggest achievements of our civilization. In the story of eradication of smallpox, that united the entire world, the 1972 epidemic in Yugoslavia, the final outbreak of smallpox in Europe, is still remembered as one of its most horrifying and inspiring chapters.

DirectorMladen Kovačević
ScriptMladen Kovačević
ProducersIva Plemić Divjak, Mladen Kovačević
Director of photography Stefan Đorđević
MusicJakov Munižaba
EditorJelena Maksimović
NarrationProf. dr Zoran Radovanović
Sound Jakov Munižaba, Dora Filipović
FestivalsKarlovy Vary 2022, Festival dei Popoli 2022, Rotterdam 2023
Language Serbian
Category Serbian Competition Programme

Serbian premiere


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Q&A after the screening

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Q&A after the screening


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