Mila Zhluktenko, Daniel Asadi Faezi — GermanyUzbekistan — 2022 — 13'

A desert landscape, as if from another planet. A few lonely, rusty shipwrecks. Low desert shrub grow around them to hold the sand together during the merciless storms. Aralkum, the Aral Desert, is the bare seabed left of the Aral Sea. By weaving together different cinematic textures, the short film Aralkum re-imagines the dried-up Aral Sea, allowing an old fisherman to set sail one last time.

DirectorMila Zhluktenko, Daniel Asadi Faezi
ProducersFozil Yunusov
Director of photographySadriddin Shakhabiddinov
EditorMila Zhluktenko, Daniel Asadi Faezi
Language Karakalpak
Category Meteors

Regional premiere


0.00 rsd

Film Archive Museum, Kosovska 11

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