O heiropalaistis

Yorgos Goussis — Greece — 2022 — 77'

Panagiotis moved from Athens to the countryside. Soon, he gets upset with the mentality of the small society and decides to go back. His return to Athens will soon reveal new problems. On this journey of adulthood, he will be called upon to face in a “bras de fer” battle, his difficult opponent, the muscular male who oppresses his pure self.v

DirectorGiorgos Gousis
ScriptGiorgos Gousis, Yorgos Koutsaliaris
ProducersPhotini Economopoulou, Vassiliki Patrouba, Sophia Dimopoulou
MusicHaris Nilas, Pan Pan
EditorDimitris Polyzos
SoundPanagiotis Delinikolas, Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos, Dafni Farazi, Enez Ahmet Kehagai
FestivalsThessaloniki IDFF - Fipresci Award Best Greek documentary, Best Film by Youth Jury Award
Language Greek
Category Focus Greece

International premiere


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Q&A after the screening


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