Май далеко - май добре

Ganna Iaroshevych — Ukraine — 2021 — 71’

Michel lives in the Ukrainian mountains and is taking care of endangered animals – water buffaloes. After 10 years of being a loner, Michel falls in love with Vera, a woman from his hometown in Germany. Michel moves back to Germany and for 2 years is trying to create a new family with Vera. After all, Michel chooses himself over Vera and moves back to Ukraine on his own to pursue his dream of living in the wild.

DirectorGanna Iaroshevych
ProducersAliona Kachkan, Lena Yakovitska, (TABOR Production), Oleksiy Moskalenko (Mental Drive)
Director of photographySerhii Kireiev
Editing Kateryna Ptashka
Sound Pavlo Berezin
Category Focus Ukraine


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