Peter Bardehle, Andreas Martin — Germany — 2016 — 95'

Mount Athos on a peninsula off the coast of Greece is one of Europe’s last remaining secrets. Access to women is strictly denied and in order to keep unwanted tourists out, visas are granted only to pilgrims and workers. The monastic republic attracts people who expect more than modern life can give them, men longing for a meaningful life. Several plots draw the audience into the monastic world and confront them with their struggle, inviting the audience to contemplate the two key issues that lead them through their life: truly experience every moment and to treat others with respect.

DirectorsPeter Bardehle, Andreas Martin
Director of photography Yannis Fotou
Editing Konard Buschke, Kirineos Papadimimatos
Language German Greek
Theme faith pilgrimage religion society solitude tradition
Category Meteors


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