Atonaluri gabrzkineba

Alexander Koridze — Georgia — 2022 — 67'

Tsotne Zedginidze, a 10-year-old classical pianist and composer from Georgia, is sometimes compared to Mozart. He lives with his charismatic grandmother Nina, who acts as caregiver, teacher and international career manager. Subtly balancing the child prodigy’s perspective with that of the outside observer, director Alexander Koridze explores the thorny reality of raising a child for whom stardom seems inevitable.

DirectorAlexander Koridze
ScriptAlexander Koridze
ProducerAlexander Koridze
Director of photographyAlexander Koridze
MusicTsotne Zedginidze
EditorAlexander Koridze
SoundGeorge Gvarjaladze
Language English
Category Breeze

Serbian premiere


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