Aurorin san

Dragana Jovanović — Serbia — 2023 — 62'

Aurora’s Dream explores the collective unconscious during a period of contemporary crisis. Individual participants share their most vivid and personal dreams. The subconscious narratives visually intertwine with the turbulence of our present era, bringing archetypes and motifs from the Sleeping beauty fairytale to the fore.

DirectorDragana Jovanović
ScriptDragana Jovanović
ProducersDragana Jovanović, Danilo Lazović
Director of photographyDragana Jovanović
MusicMitar Subotić Suba, Goran Vejvoda, Low Bat, Reymour, Ethimm, Nena Ivošević, Groupe Folklorique, 6regor
EditorDragana Jovanović, Ian Purnell
NarrationDragana Jovanović
SoundJakov Munižaba
Language English German Serbian
Category Serbian Competition Programme

World premiere


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Q&A after the screening

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