Álfrún Örnólfsdóttir — Iceland — 2022 — 85'

Band is a comedy of failures, seen through the eyes of three women of The Post Performance Blues Band who give themselves only one year to finally become popstars or quit forever. Each on the brink of 40, they find themselves again coming of age, reckoning with their artistic dreams & the meaning of friendship as they juggle the pressures of motherhood. Playing creatively with the documentary form, the film makes meaning out of life’s messiness and finds resilience in rejection.

Director Álfrún Örnólfsdóttir
ScriptÁlfrún Örnólfsdóttir
ProducersHeather Millard, Bórður Jónsson
Director of photography Sebastian Ziegler
MusicThe Post Performance Blues Band
EditorKristján Lodmfjord
SoundKjartan Kjartansson
FestivalsHotDocs 2022
Language Icelandic
Category Eurimages Audentia Award nominees Fireworks

Regional premiere


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