Nikolay N. Viktorov — Russia — 2020 — 71’28’’

Ilya learned street-smarts in Russia’s Far North, book-smarts in literature class and the power of the fist from his father. By day, he berates his subordinate and laments the days of Stalin. By night, he scraps metal and composes obscenity-riddled poems. Ilya longs for a life more becoming, but unbridled personal demons present a major obstacle to his dreams of conquering the nation’s capital.

DirectorNikolay N. Viktorov
Producer Nikolay N. Viktorov
Director of photographyNikolay N. Viktorov, Nikolay Kornienko
Editing Nikolay N. Viktorov
Script Nikolay N. Viktorov
SoundGleb Chevychelov
Category International Competition Programme

Serbian premiere


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