Fredrik Horn Akselsen, Christian Falch — Norway — 2017 — 83'

Blackhearts takes a fresh look at the notorious Norwegian black metal music scene – but from a striking new angle. It travels to South America, Europe and the Middle East to follow three black metal diehards who hail from extreme religious and political backgrounds. Hector, Kaiadas and Sina are willing to risk alienation, imprisonment – even death – to play black metal and live by its ideology. They worship the Norwegian black metal music they have modeled their lives around.

DirectorsFredrik Horn Akselsen, Christian Falch
ProducerChristian Falch
CameraViggo Knudsen, Torstein Nodland, Mauricio Vidal, Arturo Almanza
EditingAnders Teigen, Marius Smit
FestivalsRotterdam 2017
Category Focus: Norway

Regional premiere


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