Fanie Pelletier — Canada — 2022 — 84'

Through moments captured in the lives of three groups of girls, images gleaned from the web and live streams of girls around the world, Bloom delves into the world of today’s teenage girls. We delicately observe their fascination with social media and their tortuous identity construction through self-representation. This immersion reveals a hyper-connected but lonely generation inhabited by great lucidity, an inner struggle with self- image obsession, and a need for self-affirmation in the face of a deep sense of alienation.

DirectorFanie Pelletier
ProducerAudrey D. Laroche
Director of photographyMatthew Wolkow
MusicSimon L'Espérance
EditorRené Roberge
SoundLuc Raymond, Félix Lamarche, Vincent Riendeau
FestivalsJi.hlava IDFF 2022 - Best Debut Feature Film Award, FICFA 2022, ZagrebDox 2023
Language French
Category Eurimages Audentia Award nominees International Competition Programme Teen

Serbian premiere


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