Violena Ampudia — CubaBelgium — 2023 — 17'

Blue is the result of a collaborative process with women who have experienced postpartum depression. The director organizes a cyanotype workshop for these mothers to create their own images that illustrate their condition: from their fears, dreams and experiences through the different shades of blue.

DirectorViolena Ampudia
Producers Violena Ampudia, Daniela Muñoz Barroso
Director of photographyViolena Ampudia
EditorViolena Ampudia
SoundViolena Ampudia
FestivaliFIPADOC 2024, IDFF 2024, TIDFF 2024, Ji.hlava 2023, FDP 2023,
Language English Spanish
Category Meteors

Regional premiere


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