Boogie & Demons

Ivan Šijak — Serbia — 2023 — 58'

Boogie is switching from street photography to a series of portraits using the antique collodion wet plate process at his Belgrade studio. Only to find out that the most unusual manifestations of human nature can be found in photographing people in this technique. He refers to this series as “Demons”. This procedure is exclusively related to Belgrade. Unlike other cities where dark content is found in everyday life of people from margins, in Belgrade this content is found among acquaintances and friends. Boogie is able to capture something profoundly, demonically, and in the character of the “ordinary people” represented thanks to this unusual technique of the long exposure photographing procedure. Boogie describes this procedure as an alchemical one that can capture something “from the other side”.

Director Ivan Šijak
Script Ivan Šijak
ProducerMilan Kilibarda
Director of photography Ivan Šijak
MusicBELLA TECHNIKA, Bojan Bambi Drobac, Milorad Miki Ristić
EditorSrđan Radmilović
NarrationVladimir Milivojević Bugi
SoundDejan Pejović
Language English Serbian
Category Serbian Competition Programme

World premiere


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Q&A after the screening

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