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Tomáš Bojar — Czech Republic — 2018 — 73'

One day, two newsrooms, one event that has grabbed the headlines. Tonight, the Czech president is expected to make it clear whether he is going to run for the office again, announcing his decision to a group of his sympathizers and supporters gathered at the Prague Castle. Journalists are not allowed to attend the event, and will only be notified about the president’s decision the next day. This obviously piques their interest and they want to get the information tonight.

DirectorTomáš Bojar
ProducerTomáš Bojar
CameraJiří Chod
EditingŠimon Špidla
FestivalsKarlovy Vary 2018, Bratislava 2019, BAFICI 2019
Categories Front Page



Cultural Centre Vlada Divljan

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