Cage Survivor

Irina Boiko — Greece — 2022 — 70'

Terry is 33 years old. She feels disappointed, trapped and financially incapable of continuing her life in the capital, so after 10 years life in Athens, she leaves her home, jobs, friends and training for MMA matches and decides to return to her parental home in Parga, a small provincial town in Greece, to make a new start.

RediteljIrina Boiko
ScenarioIrina Boiko
Producent Kyriakos Chatzimichailidis
Direktor fotografijeXenofon Vardaros
MontažaXenofon Vardaros
ZvukNikos Christopoulos
FestivalsTIFF 2023
Language Greek
Category Eurimages Audentia Award nominees Focus Greece

International premiere


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Q&A after the screening


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