Chung Kuo, Cina

Michelangelo Antonioni — Italy — 1972 — 220’

In 1971, a year before Nixon’s historic visit to China and seemingly a harbinger of a thawing of international relations during the Cultural Revolution, Michelangelo Antonioni was invited by Mao Zedong’s regime to make a work of propaganda about the superior virtues of the Communist nation. Fascinated by a country that remained an enigma to the West, the filmmaker shot nearly 100 hours of film during his travels from Peking to Shanghai by way of the countryside.





Director Michelangelo Antonioni
Director of photography Luciano Tovoli
Editing Franco Arcalli
ScriptMichelangelo Antonioni, Andrea Barbato
Sound Giorgio Pallotta
Music Luicano Berio
Narration Giuseppe Rinaldi
Category Meteors


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