Circus Movements

Lukas Berger, Mário Gajo de Carvalho — PortugalAustriaGermanyEthiopia — 2019 — 15'

Circus culture is a space of diversity, cooperation, and integration. A magical space with real people. Circus Movements was shot with circus kids from Ethiopia – Liya and Beza, doing the hula hoop; Habtamnesh, doing the aerial hoop; and the Beniyam, only 5 years old, performing acrobatics. Collectively, they are great circus artists performing in the magnificent landscapes of Ethiopia.

DirectorLukas Berger, Mário Gajo de Carvalho
ProducerMário Gajo de Carvalho, Lukas Berger, Hana Silarova
CameraLukas Berger
EditingMário Gajo de Carvalho, Lukas Berger
FestivalsAnn Arbor 2019, Trento 2019, Tallinn Black Nights 2019
Category Intermission

Regional premiere


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