Marija Strajnić — Serbia — 2020 — 37'

My grandma Jelena was 13 when she first met Drago, on vacations in Smrtići. When the summer was over, she returned home to Belgrade and he went to Zagreb for studies. It was 1953. From that moment on, they started exchanging letters. Jelena saved every piece of paper that she has ever received from him, from the first note he invited her to a date with, to the last postcard he sent her few days ago. Since I’ve first read several Drago’s poems, I wanted them to meet again, after 65 years

DirectorMarija Strajnić
ProducerMarija Strajnić
CameraMarija Strajnić
EditingMarija Strajnić
Categories Breeze

World premiere



Museum of Yugoslavia Amphitheater

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Q&A Marija Strajnić

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