Mati Diop — FranceSenegalBenin — 2024 — 67'

A dramatized account of 26 royal treasures from the Kingdom of Dahomey (in modern day Republic of Benin), which were held in a museum in France. The film explores how the artifacts were returned from France to Benin, and the reactions of Beninese people.

DirectorMati Diop
ProducersMati Diop, Eve Robin, Judith Lou Lévy
Director of photographyJoséphine Drouin-Viallard
EditorGabriel Gonzalez
MusicWally Badarou, Dean Blunt
FestivalsBerlin International Film Festival 2024, Istanbul Film Festival 2024, Hong Kong International Film Festival 2024
Language French
Category Prime time

Serbian premiere


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