Klub Kranium

Frigge Fri — Denmark — 2021 — 80'

In the field behind her father’s farm, 20-year-old Josephine made a display of road-kills and left them to decompose in order to use their bones as jewelry. In search of meaning and connection, she found two friends in the Goth culture. Together they fight their inner demons as well as against the authorities. But when Josephine falls in love with Jan, the trio’s friendship is put to the test.

DirectorFrigge Fri
ProducerMathilde Hvid Lippmann
Director of photographyTroels Rasmus Jensen, Louise McLaughlin
EditorEsben Bay Grundsøe, Rebekka Lønnqvist, Oliva Neergaard-Holm
Language Danish English Urdu
Category Focus Denmark

Regional premiere


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