Figlia di Comorra

Siniša Gačić — ItalySlovenija — 2019 — 80’

Cristina Pinto, a woman who used to work as a contract killer for the criminal syndicate Camorra faces the challenges of everyday life after her release from Italian prison. Not long after her release, her twenty years older partner Rafael gets diagnosed with pulmonary cancer. Cristina looks for comfort in her 28-year-old daughter Ellene trying to bridge a gap of 24 years of her absence from her life.

Director Siniša Gačić
ProducerDunja Klemenc
Director of photographySiniša Gačić
Editing Andrej Nagode
ScriptAnka Pirš
SoundFilippo Baracco
MusicDamir Avdić
Categories Front Page

Serbian premiere



Terrace – Art Cinema Kolarac

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