Dear Future Children

Franz Böhm — AustriaGermanyUK — 2021 — 89’

With global protests on the rise, this is a film about the new generation at the heart of this seismic political shift. Rayen protests for social justice in Chile, Pepper fights for democracy in Hong Kong and Hilda battles the devastating consequences of climate change in Uganda. Facing almost impossible odds and grappling with the staggering impact of their activism on their personal lives, why do they keep fighting?

Director Franz Böhm
Producers Ansgar Wörner, Johannes Schubert, Franz Böhm
Director of photographyFriedemann Leis
Editing Daniela Schramm Moura
Script Franz Böhm
Sound Marco Schnebel, Marc Lehnert
Music Hannes Bieber, Leonard Küßner
Category Teen

Serbian premiere


300.00 rsd

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The screening is preceded by the closing ceremony


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