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Ekaterina Selenkina — The NetherlandsRussia — 2021 — 73'

Detours depicts a new way of dealing illicit drugs via the Darknet, the layering of the physical and the virtual realities, as well as poetics, and politics, of space. Taking place in a sleepy neighbourhood, among the concrete walls of high-rises, behind garages and amidst abandoned railroads, the film follows and loses track of Denis, the treasure man who hides stashes of drugs all over the city.

DirectorEkaterina Selenkina
Script Ekaterina Selenkina
ProducersVladimir Nadein, Rogier Kramer
Director of photographyAlexey Kurbatov
EditorLuis Gutiérrez Arias, Ekaterina Selenkina
Language Russian
Category Meteors

Regional premiere


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