Нe хвилюйся, двери видчиняться

Oksana Karpovych — CanadaUkraine — 2019 — 78’

The film invites us to share a ride with working class, mostly marginalized passengers and vendors. Following a number of people from one grimy wagon to another, from station to station, from day to night, we are immersed in the daily struggles of their lives in a post-Soviet country. The film is a look at the human condition and an intimate point of view on the history of independent Ukraine as it is experienced by the common people.

DirectorOksana Karpovych
Producers Ina Fichman, Judith Plamondon
Director of photographyChristopher Nunn
Editing Lessandro Socrates, Dominique Sicotte
ScriptOksana Karpovych
Sound designSimon Gervais
Sound mixOlivier Germain
Category Focus Ukraine

Serbian premiere


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