Drama Girl

Vincent Boy Kars — The Netherlands — 2020 — 93’

Leyla (26) is the protagonist in a film based on her own life story. The director surrounds her with professional actors. Together they explore how people, compile a certain image of their own story and how that image gets rearranged when a trauma occurs. As she takes over the past with them, the film probes the question of how drama, as a genre, can help us better understand ourselves and the world around us.



DirectorVincent Boy Kars
ProducersOlivia Sophie van Leeuwen @ HALAL
Director of photographyDavid Spaans
Editing Albert Markus, Vincent Boy Kars
ScriptJolein Laarman, Vincent Boy Kars
SoundEvelien van der Molen
MusicBeau Zwart
Category Fireworks


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This ticket is also valid for The Communion of my Cousin Andrea


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