Lejla Kajić, Davorin Sekulić — Bosnia and Herzegovina — 2020 — 42’

46-year-old Džemo lives in a village with his mother, father and brother. He cares for ten cows every day thereby earning a living for his family. Džemo’s day starts and ends with a pushcart, his constant companion on daily more than 20-kilometer-runs. His boyhood dream was to take part in large running events which is why he always applies for city and mountain races. Despite hard labour demanded by a life in the rural area, and the fact that he competes against professional athletes, Džemo wins gold medals regularly.



DirectorsLejla Kajić, Davorin Sekulić
Producer Sead Kreševljaković
Director of photographyAmel Đikoli
Editing Adnan Zilić
Script Lejla Kajić, Davorin Sekulić
Sound Samir Hrković
MusicAdnan Zilić
Category Breeze

Serbian premiere


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