Na kraju puta

Ivana Todorović — Serbia — 2022 — 19'

Željko and Viki have dedicated their lives to providing a peaceful and dignified end to the journey of discarded horses on their small plot of land. They sacrifice everything they have to ensure that these forgotten creatures are given the compassion they deserve. End of the road is a powerful and moving film that explores the themes of mortality, compassion, and dignity for all living beings.

DirectorIvana Todorovic
ProducerIvana Todorovic
Director of photographyMilan Vlaski
MusicBoris Mijatovic
EditorMarina Jelusic
SoundDouglas Oppedahl
FestivalsPalm Springs Film Festival 2022, Dokufest 2022, Makedox 2022
Language Serbian
Category Serbian Competition Programme

Serbian premiere


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Q&A after the screening


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