Manque La Banca — 2021 — 75’

Under the calm bliss during peak tourist season in the city of Bariloche, a series of myths and legends begin creeping up from the underworld. Slow tectonic shifts and mysterious events emerge to expose a history of hidden repression of the town’s native people, land exploitation, a murderous state perpetuated over 500 years. Everything that’s left unsaid boils up like lava, not through traditional soundscapes but rather through the power of techno-stridently pulsing throughout the entire film.

DirectorManque La Banca
ProducersVictoria Marotta, Jerónimo Quevedo, Franco Bacchiani
Editing Manuel Embalse, Manque La Banca
ScriptManque La Banca
Sound Hernán Biasotti, César Borra
MusicAntu La Banca
Category Fireworks International Competition Programme


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