Jakub Gomolka — Poland — 2022 — 18'

After leaving prison, Mariusz and his son attempt to adapt to reality, interweaving
the habits of jail with the struggle of everyday life. Contrary to popular opinion their relationship is filled with affection and love. The protagonists’ sensitivity contrasts
with the heartless reality that leaves a scar on former prisoners excluding them from being
a valuable members of the society.

DirectorJakub Gomolka
ScriptJakub Gomolka
ProducerAgata Golanska
Director of photographyNikodem Marek
MusicGrzegorz Maciag
EditorCelina Przyklek. Jakub Gomolka
Sound Rafal Nowak, Grzegorz Maciag
FestivalsMillennium Docs Against Gravity 2022, FIPADOC 2023
Language Polish
Category Fireworks

Serbian premiere


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