Faya Dayi

Jessica Beshir — USAQatarEthiopia — 2021 — 120'

Khat is an ancient drug used by the people of Africa and the Middle East, who would chew the leaves as a means for religious mediation. Nowadays, it plays a crucial role in Ethiopia’s economy as its main export. Through a personal story, a hypnotic documentary made of soundscapes and textures shaped by sunlight, document’s Khat’s footprint on a nation surrendered to its euphoric hallucinations.

DirectorJessica Beshir
Script Jessica Beshir
ProducerJessica Beshir
Director of photographyJessica Beshir
EditorJeanne Applegate, Dustin Waldman
Language Amharic Harari Oromiffa
Category Fireworks International Competition Programme

Regional premiere


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