F@ck This Job

Vera Krichevskaya — GermanyUnited Kingdom — 2021 — 104'

A fast-moving impression of the turbulent rise and fall of Russian TV channel Dozhd. The film guides us through the story of Natasha, its founder, and how the state each year further tightens the thumbscrews on her. The question arises: what should she do with this successful TV channel now that it is putting the lives of its staff in danger?

DirectorVera Krichevskaya
Script Vera Krichevskaya, Paulina Ukrainets
ProducersVera Krichevskaya, Mike Lerner
Director of photographyDanny Salkhov, Aleksandr Shelaputov
EditorAdam Finch, George Cragg, Vera Krichevskaya
Language English German Russian
Category Woman vs System

Regional premiere


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