Gru tu je

Bojan Vinulović, Rennè Miskolci — Serbia — 2023 —

Dalibor Andonov Gru is a pioneer of the rap scene in Serbia and was among the first to start a new musical era in the entire former Yugoslavia. From the first album, concert, tour and authentic videos, it was clear that he would leave an indelible musical legacy. Interlocutors from various spheres of society, from music to sports, described how Gru was synonymous with the spirit of Belgrade.

DirectorsBojan Vinulović, Rennè Miskolci
ScriptBojan Vinulović
ProducerDragana Bugarčić
Director of photographyRennè Miskolci
EditorRennè Miskolci i Bojan Vinulović
SoundRennè Miskolci
Language Serbian
Category Special Screenings

World premiere


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Q&A after the screening


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