Garstka ziemi

Izabela Zubrycka — Poland — 2023 — 13'

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Is there a way to envision oneʼs funeral? Halina is one of the last funeral singers in Podlasie. Her son Andrzej is a gravedigger. Thousands of people have crossed to the other side accompanied by them. He dug, she sang. Throughout their existence, life collided with death. Normalcy with spirits. Reality with dreaming. Funeral lament breaks the silence.

DirectorIzabela Zubrycka
ProducerAgata Golańska
Director of photographyStefan Żółtowski
EditorAnna Adamowicz
SoundMaciej Tobera
FestivalsNew Horizons International Film Festival 2023, San Sebastian International Film Festival 2023, Camerimage 2023
Language Polish
Category Fireworks

Regional premiere


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