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Nikola Dragović, Milutin Petrović — Serbia — 2020 — 86'

In 1991, armed conflicts began in the Socialist Republic of Croatia. This documentary follows the personal story of Igor, then a nineteen-year-old citizen of Belgrade who was recruited and sent to compulsory military service in the barracks in Varaždin, recorded by the camera of a family friend and video enthusiast Predrag Bata Milošević. A few months later, Igor returns from war twice as old and with scars that will probably never be healed. Today, after almost three decades, a whole generation is silent.

Film is based on Predrag Bata Milosevic’s archives from 1991.

Director Nikola Dragović, Milutin Petrović
ProducerPredrag Bambić
Camera Predrag Bambić
EditingNikola Dragović
Category Serbian Competition Programme

World premiere


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