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Svetislav Dragomirović — SerbiaGermany — 2022 — 73'

A 60-year-old, former porn performer from Serbia, tries to reach out and spread his story, behind the tall prison walls, as his awaits the outcome of a Kafkaesque trial process in a Maltese prison. The moody landscapes reflect the loneliness and desperate state he was in prior to his arrest for public exposure in this bizarre story, which unspools like an eerie mystery.

DirectorSvetislav Dragomirović
ScriptSvetislav Dragomirović, Nemanja Milojević
ProducerSvetislav Dragomirović
Director of photographySvetislav Dragomirović
MusicVladimir Pejković
EditorNemanja Milojević
SoundInes Adriana
FestivalsDOC NYC, Bergamo Film Meeting
Language English Serbian
Category Serbian Competition Programme

Regional premiere


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Q&A after the screening

In stock

Q&A after the screening


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