In de armen van Morpheus

Marc Schmidt — The Netherlands — 2019 — 82'

Roselien is always tired and falls asleep everywhere. Emily is plagued by apocalyptic nightmares and aggression during her sleepwalking. A ritual seems to offer a solution. Their stories are interwoven with a poet who spends her nights wandering through Brussels, a mother with a lifelike sleep paralysis and a musician with loud explosions in his head. One man has a dreamless sleep for no more than two hours and a waking life remains. Are you the one in your sleep, or the person when you are awake? Is your daily life a consequence of how you got through the night or is your nightlife a processing of your daily existence?

DirectorMarc Schmidt
ProducerJanneke Doolard
CameraJean Counet
EditingKatarina Türler
FestivalsKarlovy Vary 2019, Antenna 2019, Noordelijk 2019
Category Breeze

Regional premiere



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