Prison Beauty Contest

Srđan Šarenac — SerbiaBosnia and HerzegovinaCroatia — 2024 — 80'

The director of Pirajui prison decides to bring back self-esteem to female convicts by organizing a prison beauty contest. The beauty contest could be seen as some sort of revolt against the prison uniform. The movie follows three characters Joyce competing for Miss Spring, Angel competing for Mister (transgender category) and Sueli competing for Miss Plus Size.

DirectorSrđan Šarenac
ProducerSrđan Šarenac
Director of photographyAline Belfort
EditorKsenija Petričić, Srđan Fink, Mina Petrović
MusicDennis e Mc's Nandinho & Nego Bam - Malandramente
SoundLuka Gamulin
Language Portuguese
Category Serbian Competition Programme

World premiere


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