Jelena Radenović — Serbia — 2024 — 46‘

Joymakers explores the musical mastery of Roma trumpet players in Serbia and reveals that, behind the dynamic melodies, lies a difficult life and struggle for survival. At the heart of the story is Milan Nikolić, a continuator of the important mission of teacher Maskut Maskotović – to teach Roma children to play correctly and preserve their health. The encounter of American professor, Nada Miljković, with Milan, provides us with an authentic and emotional insight into their lives.

Director Jelena Radenović
ScriptJelena Radenović, Nada Miljković
ProducerNada Miljković
Director of photography Filip Jasnić
Editor Vladimir Šojat
MusicMilan donja Nikolić i Zoran Tairović
SoundGoran Štifanić
Language Serbian
Category Serbian Competition Programme

World premiere


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