King of the Cruise

Sophie Dros — The Netherlands — 2019 — 74'

The wealthy Baron Ronald Busch Reisinger is a striking and popular guest on a luxury cruise ship. He tells the most fantastic stories about his life to his fellow passengers, who hang on his every word, but sometimes have no idea what to make of this portly figure — or so it seems. Ronnie is apparently not only a Scottish baron, but also the king of a piece of land in Africa.

Director Sophie Dros
ProducerOlivia Sophie van Leeuwen, Gijs Kerbosch, Roel Oude Nijhuis, Gijs Determeijer
Camera Boas van Milligen Bielke
Editing Erik ten Brinke
Festivals IDFA 2019, CPH:DOX 2020, Shanghai 2020
Category Breeze

Regional premiere


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