Nasleđe kralja trube

Vladimir Kajlovic — Serbia — 2024 — 80'

The trumpet was heard again in the Sejdić house. Nebojša has not yet reached his grandfather’s heights and successes, but he is on a good path to do so. At the end of Fejat’s life story, our film begins, and whether this is the swan song of the Sejdić trumpets or a new beginning, time will tell.

DirectorVladimir Kailovic
ProducersPredrag Jakovljević, Miloš Krstić, Vladimir Kailowic, Nebojša Ilić
Director of photographyDaniel Mateić
EditorOrkestar Fejata i Nebojše Sejdića
MusicUroš Maksimović
Language Serbian
Category Special Screenings

World premiere


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Q&A after the screening


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